What is urogynecology?

Are you looking for Best urogynecologist in gurgaon? Lets first discuss what is Urogynecology? Urogynecology is a specialized surgical subfield that combines both urology and gynecology. It takes a modern approach to provide healthcare services to women, whereby physicians can examine and treat any disorders of the pelvic organs, such as the bladder. A urogynecologist is a medical specialist trained in urology, gynecology, and obstetrics, focusing on diagnosing and treating non-cancerous conditions related to the female pelvic organs, their supporting muscles, and tissues.

In short, these specialists handle everything from diagnosis and evaluation to management and treatment (regarding pelvis-related problems). They also perform pelvic reconstructive surgery, with the sub-specialty now called “female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.” So are you planning to consult a doctor for pelvic healthcare? If yes, our specialist doctor, Dr. Preeti Rastogi, is ready to provide you with the best treatment regarding urogynae problems.

Conditions treated in our urogynecologist in gurgaon services are:

  • Prolapse

We provide expert treatment for fixing prolapse and reinforcing the pelvic floor. You can find various treatment options for prolapsed organs, including assembling a new vagina, undertaking surgical procedures like robotic hysterectomy, and more.

  • Urinary incontinence

It is referred to as unintentional leakage of urine, which can be alleviated using bulking agents for stress incontinence. If you’re experiencing urine incontinence and it’s impacting your daily routine, it is advisable to consult our medical professionals like Dr. Preeti Rastogi.

  • Fistulas

A fistula is a typical connection between two internal body parts that are typically not linked. Our urogynecologists specialize in identifying and managing various types of urinary fistulas that arise between the urinary system and other systems.

  • Interstitial cystitis

For those who suffer from interstitial cystitis, there is a potential solution involving bladder instillation. It consists of having a catheter inserted into the bladder and slowly administering a liquid that can ease the irritation experienced by the bladder wall.

  • Pelvic reconstruction

Pelvic organ prolapse can be treated through pelvic reconstruction, which occurs when the pelvic floor tissues are weakened or damaged due to various reasons such as childbirth, repeated heavy lifting, surgery, or prolonged illness. We offer a variety of treatment options to repair prolapse.

 When to see a urogynecologist near me?

Suppose you experience issues with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence that does not respond to medicine, difficulty emptying the bladder or rectum, or require specific knowledge of surgical options like robotic hysterectomy in Gurgaon to address these conditions. It is recommended to see a urogynecologist specializing in treating these issues.

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