Birth Control

What Is Birth Control?

Individuals can use birth control, or contraception, to prevent pregnancy. You can find many kinds of birth control that work when used appropriately. Some of these types are temporary or reversible, and others are permanent. Some Birth control method is also effective in preventing STDs.

Different Types of Birth Control

A range of birth control options are available to you. It would helpful if you take some time out to familiarize yourself with each kind. If you have other queries, contact Dr. Preeti Rastogi.

Here is a list of different birth control types:

  • Condoms: A common barrier method to prevent pregnancy is the use of condoms. For males, it is a thin protective covering for the penis to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. It aids in preventing STDs. Additionally, female condoms are inserted inside a woman’s vagina before sex to prevent pregnancy.
  • Contraception Pill: The pill is a hormonal method of birth control. women take these pills orally every day. These pills either contain estrogen and progestin or only contain progestin.
  • Gel: A non-hormonal method of birth control is gel. It is a vaginal gel that works like spermicide and prevents pregnancies by preventing sperm from entering the egg. It decreases the pH level of your vagina.
  • Ring: Vaginal rings are very flexible and thin. You may insert it into your vagina. The ring works by releasing hormones. You can replace it when you have your menstrual cycle.
  • IUCD: Intrauterine contraceptive devices are fitted in uterus and usually works for five to ten years.

If you have any doubts or queries, Dr. Preeti Rastogi and our experts are always available to answer your questions. We also offer several contraceptive choices to ensure you can have safe sex without having risk pregnancy.

Our Birth Control Services

Dr. Preeti Rastogi wants the best experience and health for you. Therefore, we deliver a range of services for birth control.

  • IUD: We will place a tiny device inside your uterus. It is a T-shaped device that works for three to ten years. You can find hormonal and copper IUDs for this purpose. It is a reversible contraceptive.
  • Sterilization: Two types of sterilization are present, including tubal ligation for females and vasectomy for males. These are surgeries that help prevent pregnancy.
  • Birth Control Vaginal Ring: We offer services for a vaginal ring that releases hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, to prevent women from getting pregnant. After three weeks, you can replace them when you get your period.
  • Natural Family Planning: We offer services for natural family planning. It is a fertility awareness birth control method in which a woman keeps an eye out for various fertility signals and tracks them. This information will help them understand when they are likely to get pregnant.

There are numerous contraceptive options available. Ultimately, it depends on you and what works best for you. Therefore, you must take your time to choose wisely. You can also use our services for guidance.

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