What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound (diagnostic ultrasound), also referred to as sonography or diagnostic medical Sonography centre near me, Gurgaon is a form of imaging that utilizes sound waves to generate images of the body’s internal structures. It doesn’t use radiation like X-rays and can capture motion, such as the heart beating or blood flow in vessels. The images generated using ultrasound can offer crucial diagnostic information and guide treatment strategies for various ailments and health conditions.

Usually, ultrasound probes are placed on your skin. However, it may be placed inside the body through the vagina, or gastrointestinal tract (based on specific medical conditions)

What does ultrasound diagnose?

  • Pregnancy

Our specialists use ultrasound technologies to screen babies for congenital malformations like heart defects and spina bifida. Ultrasound is used to confirm pregnancy, check for any complications during pregnancy like miscarriage, determine the baby’s gestational age, and check the baby’s growth, movement, heart rate, etc.

  • Pelvic condition

We provide pelvic ultrasound for treating abnormalities in the anatomic structure of the uterus, fibroids, cysts, and other types of tumors within the pelvis.

  • Abdominal condition

Abdominal ultrasound helps determine stomach pain and bloating; it can diagnose kidney stones, tumors, liver diseases, etc.

  • Thyroid condition

Ultrasound test for the thyroid will accurately diagnose conditions like tumors, goiters, or thyroid cysts through a painless procedure.

  • Cardiovascular conditions

Ultrasound can detect many heart conditions, like narrowed blood vessels and blood clots. It can diagnose problems related to heart valves and function. We use an echocardiogram to create pictures of the heart to find heart diseases and related conditions.

How to prepare for an ultrasound?

Generally, ultrasound exams do not require any preparation, but some exceptions exist. For some scans, like gallbladder ultrasound, our professionals may ask you not to eat or drink for a specified period before the examination 

How do we perform ultrasound?

During the test, you will have to lie on a examination bed while an area of your body (scan to be done) is exposed for the examination.

Our sonographer will use a unique type of lubricating jelly on your skin. Applying the jelly is essential to minimizing friction while rubbing the ultrasound transducer on the skin.

The machine emits high-frequency sound waves that penetrate your body, but their pitch is too high for you to hear. The resulting waves are captured and transformed into visual representations displayed on a screen. If you have a pregnancy ultrasound, you might be able to observe the process in action and see images of your developing fetus.

During the process, our specialists may ask you to alter your position to gain better access to the area under inspection. Once the examination is complete, the gel will be wiped off your skin.

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