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Are you troubled by hormone problems? Looking for the Best Hormonal Therapy Doctor in Gurgaon. Consult – Dr. Preeti Rastogi- Best Gynae in Gurgaon. She has 25+ years of experience as an Obstetrician Gynecologist. She will help you with hormone balance, Vaginal Dryness, Sexual Function, Sleep Disturbance, 

What is Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Hormone therapy, also known as hormone replacement therapy or HRT, helps resolve many menopause-related issues, like hot flashes and sexual dysfunction. Find out if modern hormone therapy plans are right for you by booking an evaluation at Garden OB/GYN, which boasts ten locations throughout Midtown West, the Upper East Side, and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, as well as Forest Hills, Garden City, Lake Success, Massapequa, Commack, and Cedarhurst, New York. Click the online scheduler to book your hormone therapy appointment or call your nearest office directly.

HRT can help with a range of symptoms, including

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can indeed assist with a variety of symptoms, including:

  1. Hot Flashes and Night Sweats: HRT known as Hormone Replacement Therapy can alleviate the frequency and severity of hot flashes and night sweats, which are common symptoms of menopause.
  2. Mood Swings and Irritability: Hormonal fluctuations can often lead to mood swings and irritability. HRT can help stabilize hormone levels, leading to improved mood and emotional well-being. It requires Hormone Replacement Therapy.
  3. Vaginal Dryness: Declining estrogen levels can cause vaginal dryness and discomfort during intercourse. HRT can help restore vaginal moisture and improve overall vaginal health.
  4. Bone Health: Estrogen plays a crucial role in maintaining bone density. HRT can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures by preserving bone mass.
  5. Sleep Disturbances: Hormonal changes can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to insomnia and restless nights. HRT may improve sleep quality and duration by addressing underlying hormonal imbalances.
  6. Cognitive Function: Some research suggests that HRT may have cognitive benefits, including improved memory and concentration. However, more studies are needed to fully understand the effects of HRT on cognitive function.
  7. Sexual Function: HRT can enhance sexual desire and arousal by restoring hormonal balance and alleviating symptoms such as vaginal dryness and discomfort.

Side effects of Hormone replacement therapy

While Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can be effective in managing symptoms associated with menopause or hormonal imbalances, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects. These can vary depending on factors such as the type of hormones used, dosage, and individual health status. Some common side effects of HRT include:

  1. Breast Tenderness: HRT can cause breast tenderness or enlargement due to hormonal changes. This symptom usually resolves with time but may require adjustments to the treatment regimen.
  2. Fluid Retention: Some individuals may experience bloating or fluid retention while on HRT, leading to swelling in the hands, feet, or ankles.
  3. Nausea: HRT can sometimes cause nausea or gastrointestinal discomfort, especially when first starting treatment. Taking medications with food or adjusting the timing of doses may help alleviate this side effect.
  4. Headaches: Hormonal fluctuations can trigger headaches or migraines in some individuals undergoing HRT. Managing stress, staying hydrated, and practicing relaxation techniques may help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches.
  5. Mood Changes: While HRT can improve mood and emotional well-being for many individuals, some may experience mood swings, irritability, or anxiety as a side effect. It’s essential to monitor mood changes and discuss them with a healthcare provider if they become problematic.
  6. Vaginal Bleeding: HRT, particularly estrogen therapy, may cause irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting, especially during the first few months of treatment. This side effect typically resolves over time but should be discussed with a healthcare provider if persistent or concerning.
  7. Increased Risk of Blood Clots: Estrogen-containing HRT may slightly increase the risk of blood clots, particularly in the legs (deep vein thrombosis) or lungs (pulmonary embolism). This risk is higher in individuals with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions or risk factors for blood clots.
  8. Increased Risk of Breast Cancer: Some studies suggest that long-term use of combined estrogen and progestin HRT may slightly increase the risk of breast cancer. However, the absolute risk is low, and the benefits of HRT often outweigh this potential risk for many women.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Hormone Replacement Therapy treatment (HRT) for women involves the administration of estrogen, progesterone, or a combination of both hormones to alleviate symptoms associated with menopause or hormonal imbalances. HRT can be delivered through various methods, including pills, patches, creams, gels, or vaginal rings. Here’s what you need to know about HRT for women:

Types of Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

  • Estrogen Therapy: Estrogen therapy comes under Hormone Replacement Therapy is typically prescribed to women who have had a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). It can help relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and bone loss.
  • Combination Therapy: Combination therapy includes both estrogen and progesterone. It is usually recommended for women who still have their uterus to reduce the risk of endometrial cancer associated with estrogen therapy alone.
  • Low-Dose Therapy: Low-dose HRT may be prescribed to minimize potential side effects while still providing symptom relief.

Best Estrogen Replacement therapist in Gurgaon

Dr. Preeti Rastogi is renowned as one of the top gynecologists and obstetricians in Gurgaon, practicing at Medanta Hospital. With her expertise and experience, she offers comprehensive care for women’s health needs, including estrogen replacement therapy (ERT). Here’s why Dr. Preeti Rastogi stands out as the best estrogen replacement therapist in Gurgaon:

What are the risks of Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

  • Breast Cancer Risk: Long-term use of combination HRT may slightly increase the risk of breast cancer. Women considering HRT should discuss their individual risk factors with a healthcare provider.
  • Blood Clot Risk: HRT, especially estrogen therapy, may increase the risk of blood clots, particularly in the legs (deep vein thrombosis) or lungs (pulmonary embolism).
  • Other Considerations: Women with a history of certain medical conditions, such as breast cancer, heart disease, or blood clots, may not be suitable candidates for HRT. It’s essential to discuss potential risks and benefits with a healthcare provider before starting treatment.

Book Appointment for estrogen replacement therapy in Gurgaon

To book an appointment for estrogen replacement therapy in Gurgaon with Dr. Preeti Rastogi you can follow these steps:

  1. Appointment Scheduling: Once you reach out to the hospital, the staff will assist you in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Preeti Rastogi. You may need to provide information such as your name, contact details, preferred appointment date and time, and reason for the visit (in this case, estrogen replacement therapy).
  2. Confirm Details: Double-check the appointment details provided by the hospital staff, including the date, time, and location of the appointment. Ensure that you have all the necessary information handy.
  3. Prepare for the Appointment: Before your appointment, gather any relevant medical records, including previous test results, medications, and health history. It may also be helpful to prepare a list of questions or concerns you have about estrogen replacement therapy.
  4. Attend the Appointment: On the day of your appointment, arrive at Medanta Hospital on time. Be prepared to discuss your symptoms, medical history, and treatment goals with Dr. Preeti Rastogi. She will evaluate your condition and recommend an appropriate treatment plan, which may include estrogen replacement therapy.
  5. Follow-Up: Depending on the treatment plan prescribed by Dr. Preeti Rastogi, you may need to schedule follow-up appointments for monitoring and adjustments to your therapy. Be sure to adhere to any recommendations provided by Dr. Preeti Rastogi for the best possible outcomes.




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