Cancer Screening

What is cancer screening?

These cancer screening tests can detect cancer in individuals even before the symptoms appear. The goal of cancer screening tests is simple. It detects cancer cells at an early stage, which reduces the chances of the patient suffering. If detected early, the doctors can effectively remove the cancer cells and not allow them to grow. This way, the chances of the patient being cured of cancer increase.

How do we screen patients for cancer?

carefully conduct a few examinations to screen patients for cancer. These are some of the procedures they perform:

  • Physical examination: DR Preeti will first talk to the patient to learn about their lifestyle and any past illnesses. Then they will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine if there is any abnormal findings or problem.
  • Imaging tests: Dr. Preeti Rastogi will advise few imaging like Ultrasound, Xray and maybe MRI if required
  • Laboratory tests: Dr Preeti will advise some test which includes samples of your blood and urine.
  • Genetic test: The genetic condition of a patient may indicate a high chance of getting cancer.

Our cancer screening services

Dr. Preeti Rastogi can offer the best cancer screening services because of her panel of experienced doctors. These are some of the screening services we provide:

  • Cervical cancer screening: There are three ways of testing for cervical cancer. These are a pap test, an HPV test, and an HPV/Pap test.
  • Breast cancer screening: The doctor may recommend a Mammogram or ultrasound of the breast to screen for breast cancer.
  • Ovarian cancer screening: There are two screening tests for ovarian cancer. The first is transvaginal ultrasound, to check for the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes. The second test is called the CA-125 which is a blood test. This protein is a known indicator of ovarian cancer in women. If detected, Dr Preeti Rastogi can perform gynecological laparoscopic or abdominal surgery to remove cancer at an early stage.

Our clinic has the best equipment to screen for cancer cells and give accurate results. Our team of doctors can perform complex surgeries to treat cancer.

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