High-Risk Pregnancy: Finding the Best Gynae in Gurgaon

High-Risk Pregnancy Gynaecologist in Gurgaon

High-risk Pregnancy is a growing concern for modern women these days. Some pregnancy variants are marked as “High-Risk” since they involve health risks for the pregnant woman, the fetus, or even both.

With high stress factors, a reclusive lifestyle, and late marriage, the chance of High-risk Pregnancy has increased by about 60%. Complications are becoming more and more common among conceived moms. However, a High-risk Pregnancy gynae in Gurgaon can provide the necessary support and treatment to ensure a safe birth.

A would-be mom with a High-risk Pregnancy requires additional care and guidance to prevent chances of complications. Having said that, a woman with High-risk Pregnancy may also experience normal labor and delivery with proper support from the gynae. 

Identifying High-Risk Pregnancy Factors

There can be several factors that may lead to High-risk Pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a suitable gynecologist for best guidance and medical care. There are certain factors that largely increase the chances of complications during pregnancy. 

  • Age of the lady: This is the most crucial factor to consider since age plays a vital role in deciding whether the lady is at risk of conceiving or not. If a woman is underaged, i.e. below the age of 18, there is a strong chance of causing complications during pregnancy and may even lead to the death of the mother. Women who are above the age of 35 years go through certain hormonal changes and hence, they increase the chance of High-risk pregnancy Gynae in Gurugram. In several cases, women above the age of 35 years have faced severe complications during pregnancy and in certain scenarios, have given birth to a child with some form of deficiency.
  • Chronic health issues: Some would-be moms may be suffering from chronic medical issues like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or some kind of autoimmune disorder. Having such chronic health issues further complicates the process, leading to high-risk pregnancy scenarios including collapse during the time of giving birth.
  • Past pregnancy complications: If a lady has past experience of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, miscarriage, or preterm birth, the chances of complications during subsequent pregnancies increase.
  • Fetal Factors: A high-risk pregnancy gynecologist will be able to address these issues after conducting certain medical tests. A woman may have intrauterine growth restriction, congenital anomalies, or genetic abnormalities that increase the chances of complications during the time pregnancy and labor.
  • Lifestyle scenes: A reclusive lifestyle can lead to severe consequences in the life of a pregnant mom. According to leading high-risk pregnancy gynecologist Preeti Rastogi, factors like high alcohol consumption, regular smoking, drug usage, consuming too much junk food, and exposure to toxic environments give rise to complications during pregnancy.
  • Infections: When a woman is conceiving, there is always a high chance of catching infections like bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. If a woman is diagnosed with any of these infections, it definitely increases the risk of complications for the pregnant lady and the baby.

Side effects of High-Risk Pregnancy

There are several side effects and complications associated with high-risk pregnancy cases, affecting both the parties, the mom and the baby. Some of the common side effects of high-risk pregnancies are listed below:

  • Preterm Birth: The newborn can have complications like low birth weight, developmental delays, respiratory distress syndrome, etc.
  • Gestational Diabetes: In some cases, women develop gestational diabetes that results in preeclampsia, large birth weight, and even results in cesarean delivery.

Importance of Specialized Care During High-Risk Pregnancy

Identifying these high-risk pregnancy factors early in pregnancy can prove to be highly helpful.  It is necessary to monitor the patient closely during the time of pregnancy. Specialized care services will suggest the best practices to follow for optimum safety. It minimizes the chances of complications and provides better chances for a healthy delivery. Regular prenatal care and open communication between the healthcare provider and the pregnant woman are essential for identifying and managing High-risk pregnancies in Gurugram.  

Choosing the Best High-Risk Pregnancy Gynaecologist in Gurgaon

High Risk Pregnancy Gynae in Gurgaon

High Risk Pregnancy Gynae in Gurgaon

Choosing the best high-risk pregnancy gynae in Gurgaon is necessary to prevent chances of complications during the pregnancy cycle. A reputed and experienced gynecologist will be able to handle complications in pregnancy cases with sheer expertise, decreasing the risk factors during the time of giving birth. Dr. Preeti Rastogi is a leading high-risk pregnancy gynecologist in Gurugram who has handled over a hundred such cases successfully.

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High-Risk Pregnancy Gynaecologist in Gurgaon

High-Risk Pregnancy: Finding the Best Gynae in Gurgaon

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